v2.3.0 Product Update

New workflows, Genome Browser, Workflow Versioning, Box Plots, and more

New Features 

  • Genome browser - Beta 
  • New Workflows: BWA, Bowtie2, MACS2, DeepVariant, Minimap2
  • Workflow Versioning 
  • Specify your Cell Identities in Step 5 of the scRNA guided Analysis 
  • New plot : Box plot 
  • Customize volcano plot data labels 

Genome Browser- Beta 


  • ChIP and ATAC experiments are now supported in the library, upload FASTQ files and process them with Bowtie2 and MACS2 in the pipeline design studio or upload processed BigWig files. 
  • Visualize BigWig files in an IGV genome browser while accessing the BioBox gene card and observations that you have in all other datasets on the platform. 
  • Learn more about how to use the genome browser here.

  • This feature is currently in Beta

New workflows and Workflow Versioning 

  • New workflows include; BWA, Bowtie2,  MACS2, DeepVariant, and Minimap2.
  • View the version of the workflow you are using in the pipeline design studio.
  • Select the version of the workflow you would like to use - currently only available for BWA.

New Plot: Box Plot 

  • Visualize your gene count files in a dynamic box plot 
  • Customize box plot fill colour, outline colour point colour 
  • Hover over data points to view Q1, Q2, Q3 and outlier values 
  • Learn more about using Box plots on the BioBox platform here 

Customize Volcano Plot labels 


  • Right click on a data point to customize the appearance and positioning of labels 

Specify Cell Type Identities in Step 5 of the scRNA Guided Analysis 

  • Specify your cell identities as you explore your insights in step 5 of the scRNA Guided Analysis