v1.3.0 Product Update

Data Cleaning + Pipeline completion email notifications 📧,  Bulk Editing within the library, Pipeline Configuration upgrades

New Features 

  • Opt in to email notifications for data cleaning and pipelines 
  • Bulk edit multiple records in your library 
  • Delete connections between workflows and inputs 
  • View the metadata and models associated with your files when building a pipeline 

Email Notifications 

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Access your profile and select the "Notifications" tab, from here you can opt in to any email notifications you would like to receive. You must opt in to receive these emails. These notifications include;  

Pipeline and Data Processing 

  • A pipeline has successfully finished 
  • A pipeline has failed 

Data cleaning

  • A file requires data cleaning 
  • A file has been cleaned and is ready for use 

Bulk Editing within the Library

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Edit multiple library entities at once. Select all of the entities you would like to edit and you will be taken to a table containing all of the records. Update as many properties as you would like for the selected models, submit your changes and they will be reflected in your library. 

Pipeline Configuration Upgrades 

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We have updated the cube configuration so that you can see all of the metadata associated with your files. 

  • Select the model that you would like to work with in the pipeline e.g. If you have multiple patient, cell line, and mouse models select the appropriate one from the model drop down 
  • Expand the "Files and Samples" drop down associated with each entity to access your files and add them to your pipeline 
  • Apply any filters you would like to narrow down your search e.g. if you would like to run a pipeline on cells lines with a specific mutation use the "add filter" button to filter your entities. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 12.14.46 PM

Deleting input and workflow connections 
  • Right click on a connection top open a context menu where you can delete any unwanted connections.