v1.2.0 Product Update

Data Cleaning, RNAseq Prebuilt pipelines, ENCODE public data projects


New Features 

  • Processed data cleaning for differential expression and gene count files 
  • Prebuilt RNAseq pipeline 
  • ENCODE example Projects 

Customize and Launch Prebuilt RNAseq Pipelines 

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Select the RNAseq Pipeline (STAR + DESeq2) from the BioBox prebuilt pipeline options within your  cubes. Configure the pipeline by selecting the read specificity, reference genome, and number of samples you are working with. Select the files from your library that you would like to run the pipeline with and launch.  This is a faster alternative way to launch pipelines without having to use the pipeline design studio.  Advanced configurations for the STAR workflow can be customized. 

Processed Data Cleaning 

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All processed data files uploaded to your library will be checked for NAs, 0s, and any other errors that may compromise your downstream analysis. Upon upload your data will go through a series of check and if errors are detected you will have the option to perform BioBox Automated Data Cleaning or User Specified data cleaning where you will be able to customize how all errors are handled on a cell by cell basis. 

ENCODE Example Projects 

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Example projects using ENDOE public data are available in all organizations. If you are new to the BioBox platform and would like to explore a project this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with plots and insights. 


Get started running your pipelines and explore example projects here