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  2. Exploring your Insights

Understanding your Insights

How to obtain the most information from your data. An in-depth look at your insights

Insights refer to the specific pathways and genes that are enriched in your data. These insights are retrieved from trusted and well known scientific consortiums such as EnrichR, KEGG, Reactome, GO Ontology, and the Human Protein Atlas.

Step 1: Create a BioBox and filter your data to 1500 or fewer data points.  If you are working with differential expression data  filter your data using the filter drop down menu in your data table column headers. 

Step 2: Explore your insights in the insights tab.  Click on each pathway bar. to get an in-depth look at the genes enriched in your data.

If you are working with a heatmap, double click on a clade that you are interested in and the insights for that clade specifically will be displayed. See 2:26