Processed Data Cleaning

How to clean your processed data files on the BioBox platform

Data cleaning ensures that errors capable of impacting your downstream analysis are removed from your file during the upload process. 

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  1. Upload your gene counts or differential expression file to the library 
  2. Upon initial upload the status of the file will be blank. Data cleaning checks will run in the background to determine if there are any errors associated with your file. This should take 1-2 minutes.

  3. If all checks have passed and no errors have been detected in your file, the status will switch to a green check mark. This indicates that you are able to visualize and explore the file within a project. If there is a red X you will not be able to use the file until it has been cleaned.
  4. If a red X appears in the status column of your file, use the check box to select the file and select the "Repair File" button. 
  5. A data cleaning dialogue will open and you will have the option of running BioBox Automated cleaning or User Specified Data cleaning where you can customize the cleaning on a cell by cell or column basis.

  6. Once you have selected your data cleaning method and launched the repair workflow your file will be cleaned in 1-2 minutes. A green check mark will appear in the status column when you file has been cleaned and is ready for use in a project. 

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