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Inviting users to your Organization

How to invite users to your BioBox Organization

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Users must have the role "Owner" or "Administrator" to invite additional users 

  1. Access the organization settings menu by clicking on the gear icon next to your organization name
  2. Select the "Members" tab"
  3. Select "Bulk import users" to invite multiple users at once, copy and paste or type their emails into the table and specify their role.  There is only 1 organization owner, they are the primary billing contact.  Organization Administrators can access the organization setting page and invite additional users. Organization Members cannot access the organization settings page and will not be able to invite additional users. Additional layers of security can be applied to the library  restrict member access More information on how to apply additional security preferences can be found here.

To update or change the role of a user after they have been invited, click on their name within the table and edit their role .  Users with an "Active" status have accepted your invite and logged on to the platform, users with an "Inactive" status have not yet logged on tot he platform.