How to Visualize your Data from the Library

How to quickly visualize your data after upload or directly from the library

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Select the "Data" tab within your library. Under the Processed Datasets section you will have the option to visualize Differential Expression, Gene Counts, and VCF files directly from the library. 

  1. Select  the "Visualize Data" button next to the file you would like to work with. You will be prompted to  provide the following information
    1. The project that will contain the visualization. You can select and existing project if you have one ongoing or create a new project. 
    2. The name of your Analysis. The Analysis is the folder within a project that will house your visualization. 
    3. The type of visualization you would like to create. You will only be able to create visualizations that are compatible with your file type. e.g. If you have selected visualize data next to a differential expression file you will only be able to create scatter plots or bar plots. 
  2. Once you have provided the information, select "Visualize Data" and you will be taken to your data table and plot.