How to use count properties

How to use count properties to quantify linked records

In this example we will be demonstrating how to quantify the number of biopsy samples associated with each patient available for retrieval. 

Step 1 : Create two models 

Use the "create model" button to specify the properties that should be defined by all records in the model. Learn more about how to create models and records here. The first model will represent the patients and the second model will represent all of the biopsy samples. 

swap models

Create your records and ensure they have all of the properties you have defined in your model.

Note: An easy way to track if a biopsy sample is available is to add a boolean property to the tissue model. When the boolean is set to true the sample is available, when set to false it is unavailable. 

Step 2: Create a Link Property 

The link property will highlight the relationship between patients and biopsy samples, it will enable you to see define the biopsy samples associated with each patient. 

create link

Go to your dictionary under the "Records" tab and create a "Link" Property. If you would like to link multiple biopsy samples to each patient select the "Allow Multiple Values" check box. If this is not selected it will allow for a maximum one biopsy per patient to be linked.

Step 3: Add the Link Properties to your Records

Select a patient record that you would like to update, add the link property that you have created. Select the biopsy samples you would like to link to the patient. 

link records


If you have yet to create the biopsy records, they can be created in the table and linked to the patient. Any new records that you create will be added to your library and can be updated later on. 

Step 4: Add your Link Property to the Model

By adding your link property to the Model it will allow you to quickly see the patients that have biopsy samples and which biopsy samples are associated with them. 

model update

Select the kebab icon next to your model and select "Edit Model". Within the table select "Add Property" and add the link property you have created. Save your updated model 

Step 5: Create a Count Property 

The count property will enable you to quantify the number of biopsy samples associated with each patient. In this example we will create a Count property that will quantify biopsy samples that are Available, Biopsy samples that do not satisfy this criteria will not be quantified. 

create count property

Select all of the Records in your model that you would like to quantify the associated samples. In the bulk edit table, add the count property to the table. 

add count properties to records

Step 6: Add the count Property to your Model 

By adding the count property to your model you can readily see how any tissue samples are available. Any time that a new biopsy sample that is available is added to any of the patient records the count property will be updated.  

add count property to model