How to create and edit dictionary properties within your library

How to create and edit dictionary properties in your library

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Creating New Properties 

Dictionary properties can be created to define Records and Experiments. A Dictionary can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the records and experiments tabs. To create record properties, select the Dictionary under the records tab, to create Experiment Properties select the Dictionary under the Experiments tab.

To create Record properties

Recrod property create

  1. Select "Dictionary" located in the bottom left hand corner of the "Records" tab.  
  2. Select "Create" and a dialog will appear for you to select the type of dictionary property you would like to create and customize it. There are 7 different types of dictionary properties you can create. 
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    1. Text- Free form text fields. 
    2. Number- Numerical field. 
    3. Date- YYYY-MM-DD.
    4. Boolean- True or false.
    5. Dropdown- Select one or more defined properties.
    6. Link- Displays the relationship between two records e.g. The patient a tissue is derived from.
    1. Count- Counts the number of links associated with a record e.g. The number of tissue samples associated with a patient. 

  1. The dictionary properties you create can be used when creating new Records. 

Editing Properties 

Dictionary property edit

  1. Select "Dictionary" located in the bottom left hand corner of the library under the Records or Experiments tab. 
  2. Search for the dictionary property that you would like to edit.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the dictionary property and select edit. 
  4. Update the dictionary property as you see fit. Editing options include; 
    • Updating the name and description
    • If you are editing a drop down property you can add new options, remove existing  options or edit existing options. Note: You cannot remove a drop down option if it is currently being used by an entity within your library. 
  5. Once you are finished making changes to your dictionary property select update. All changes will be reflected in the models and entities that are using that dictionary property.