How to create and customize Circos plots

How to visualize your structural variant data

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  1. Create a project or open an existing project. Within the project create an "Analysis". Select Visualization. Select the "VCF" tab within the visualization menu, Select "Circos" next to the structural variant file you would like to visualize. 
  2. Use the right hand plot configuration panel to customize your plot. Under "Series" you can customize the appearance of your structural variants.  
    1. Toggle the variants you would like to visualize on.
    2. Select the circle next to "Colour" to customize the appearance of the variant. 
    3. Use the slider to update the radius of each variant type. 
  3. Under "Axis" customize the appearance and visibility of your chromosomes.
    1. Using the " Chromosome" drop down under Axis select the circle next to the chromosome you would like to update to change the colour 
    2. Selecting the "eye" icon next to a chromosome of interest will allow you to hide or display the chromosome. 
    3. Customize the axis name font size and distance between the x-axis and axis labels, 
  4. Use the cloud icon located in the top right hand corner of your plot to export it to your desktop.