How to Create a Lollipop Plot

How to visualize your SNVs in a lollipop plot

Create Lollipop
  1. Go to the workspace and create a project. Create an "Analysis" within your project. Within the Analysis select "Visualization" followed by "Lollipop"
  2. Select the "Visualize Data" next to the SNV VCF file you would like to work with.
  3. Navigate to the "Plot" tab and select "lollipop". Use the right hand plot configuration panel to  panel to select a target gene from your file.
     Lollipop Gene Select
    1. Series - select your target gene. Swap between Genomic and cDNA view, toggle protein domains off and on. Hover over over the variants to obtain additional information pertaining to the variant.  
    2. Grid- Update plot title. 
  4. Use the cloud icon located in the top right hand corner of the plot to export it to your desktop.
    BioBox plots are dynamic, place your cursor over the plot and use your mouse or track pad to zoom in or out to specific genomic regions. 
    Lollipop zoom in out