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Searching the BxKnowledge Engine

How to search and navigate the BxKnowledge Engine

The BxKnowledge Engine is easily accessible from the quick actions tool bar on the desktop or from the drop down menu located at the top left of the screen. 

Step 1. Enter your search query and confirm appropriate terms 

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Step 2. Browse the Overview, Datasets, Papers, and Gene tabs for an in depth answer to your question 

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 The "Overview" tab is a high level summary of your query, a quick snapshot of all the papers, datasets and genes that may answer your question. 

The "Dataset" tab includes all of the datasets from NCBI and ENCODE that may answer your question. These datasets can be filtered using the left hand panel to further customize the results being displayed. All metadata associated with the dataset is accessible and all datasets can be exported into your organization for you to further explore. 

The "Papers" tab includes all of the papers that may answer your question. Abstracts, authors and NCBI links are available.You can also save the papers to your reading list. 

The "Genes" tab includes all of the genes that may be relevant toy our question. Metadata including gene summary, key information, ID's and network maps are available. 

The "Insights" tab provides you with biological insights relevant to your query that are found in your datasets