2021-10-08 Product Update

Heatmap clustering, new and improved pipeline design studio, single end read support and library privacy

New Features 

  • Heatmap upgrades; Select from 10 distance metrics to cluster your heatmap, toggle Gene and Sample IDs off/ on in your heatmap, explore insights for up to 1500 genes, convert Ensembl ids to gene symbols. 
  • Pipeline Design Studio upgrades; Single End Read support for RNASeq data, easier to navigate configuration. 
  • Library upgrades; Apply personalized security preferences to your library so that only designated members of your organization can see specific models, entities, and samples. 


Heatmap Upgrades 

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 4.57.07 PM

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  • Select from 10 different distance metrics to cluster your heatmap including; Euclidean, Cosine, Standardized Euclidean, Pearson Correlation, Minkowski, City Bock, Chebyshev, Bray-Curtis, Canberra and Square Euclidean
  • Visualize thousands of genes and toggle gene IDs off/ on
  • Convert Ensembl IDs to Gene Symbols directly in your heatmap 
  • Explore insights for clusters of upwards of 1200 genes

Pipeline Design Studio Upgrades 

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  • We now support single end RNA sequencing reads. Process your single end reads with STAR by connecting 1 FASTQ input node to the STAR workflow 
  • Inputs are larger and easier to work with additionally, we have added a tool bar tot he top right hand of the screen that enable you to recenter your pipeline and toggle the auto-layout off and on 


Library Privacy & Security  

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  • As an organization owner or administrator you can apply additional security preferences to your models and entities. Models and entities can be protected such that only specific members of your BioBox organization can access  and perform actions on certain records 



What updates would you like to see on the platform? 

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