2021-06-30 Product Update

Process, visualize, and explore your mouse RNA-seq data. Filter for specific samples or datasets within your library. Refreshed Knowledge Engine Overview page

New Features 

  • Process raw mouse RNA-seq data, select between GRCm38 and GRCh38 when building your pipelines 
  • Visualize and explore insights from your processed mouse RNA-seq data 
  • Apply filters within the library to find specific samples and datasets 
  • Knowledge Engine Overview page gets a refresh 

Mouse (GRCm38) reference genome support 

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 12.35.23 PM

When configuring your pipeline in the pipeline design studio, select the "Reference" button located in the top centre of the page to swap between GRCm38 (mouse) and GRCh38 (human) reference genomes. The reference genome selected will be applied to all of the applicable workflows within your pipeline. 

Once the pipeline is complete you will be able to create a BioBox to visualize your data and explore your insights. 

Find samples and datasets faster with the filter function  

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 12.45.47 PM

Use the search bar or apply filters tailored to your library  to find entities, samples, and datasets at a fraction of the time. 

Updated Knowledge Engine Overview 

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 11.47.52 AM

All of the information you would like to know about a gene in one place. The updated overview page gives you a holistic snapshot of your gene(s) of interest. Head over to the gene tab for an in-depth review. 


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