2021-05-07 Product Update

Learn more from your genomic data with improved lollipop plots; protein tracks, SnpEff annotation and cDNA vs gDNA view

New Features

  • Genetic Variant Annotation with SnpEff
  • New and improved lollipop plots: add protein domains, toggle between gDNA and cDNA views, visualize SnpEff annotation 

Genetic Variant Annotation + New and Improved Lollipop Plots


All single nucleotide variant VCF files uploaded to the platform will be automatically processed with SnpEff. Additionally, you can build a pipeline to process your BAM files with Mutect2 and your VCF outputs will be annotated with SnpEff. 

  • Over 30 possible effect types will be visible in your lollipop legend in accordance to industry standards 
  • Use the plotting studio Axes menu to toggle between cDNA and gDNA views
  • While in cDNA view add protein domains to your lollipop plots
  • Zoom in to specific regions of the chromosome 
  • Hover over any SNV in your lollipop to get more information about the annotation

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