2021-04-29 Product Update

New and Improved Plotting Studio + Structural Variant Calling

New Features 

  • A simple and easy to navigate newly designed interface for our plotting studio 
  • New workflow available: Delly for structural variant calling 

Plotting Studio Updates

HubSpot Video
  • X and Y axis customization controllers have been separated for ease of use 
  • Adding additional colours to your plot is much easier with the newly designed interface
  • Automatic plot saving notification appears in the left hand corner any time you make changes within your plot 
  • Plot titles are reflected in the left hand panel where all of your plots reside 
  • Improved speed and performance

Structural Variant Calling with Delly 

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 11.11.18 AM

Delly is now available in our pipeline design studio for you to run structural variant calling on aligned data. Upload BAM files and connect them directly to Delly or align your FASTQ inputs with BWA and connect the BAM outputs to Delly.

Advanced configurations include: 

  • PE Mapping quality
  • PE quality translocation 
  • Insert size cutoff 
  • Minimum clipping length 
  • Minimum clique size 
  • Minimum reference separation 
  • Maximum read separation

Coming soon

  • Circos plots for structural variant visualization 

Get started with our refreshed plotting studio and newly available workflows here