Cell Ontology

A data package that contains objects representing Cell Types extracted from classes in the Cell Ontology. It also includes transformed object properties between classes into real edges across Cell Type objects.



Cell Type

Definition: A material entity of anatomical origin (part of or deriving from an organism) that has as its parts a maximally connected cell compartment surrounded by a plasma membrane.


(CellType) -> is a -> (CellType)

Definition: n/a

(CellType) -> develops from -> (CellType)

Definition: x develops from y if and only if either (a) x directly develops from y or (b) there exists some z such that x directly develops from z and z develops from y

(CellType) -> has_part -> (CellType)

Definition: a core relation that holds between a whole and its part

(CellType) -> develops into -> (CellType)

Definition: inverse of develops from

(CellType) -> synapsed to -> (CellType)

Definition: Relation between a neuron and an anatomical structure (including cells) that it chemically synapses to.

(CellType) -> synapsed by -> (CellType)

Definition: Relation between an anatomical structure (including cells) and a neuron that chemically synapses to it.

(CellType) -> directly develops from -> (CellType)

Definition: Candidate definition: x directly_develops from y if and only if there exists some developmental process (GO:0032502) p such that x and y both participate in p, and x is the output of p and y is the input of p, and a substantial portion of the matter of x comes from y, and the start of x is coincident with or after the end of y.

(CellType) -> has potential to directly develop into -> (CellType)

Definition: x has potential to directly develop into y iff x directly develops into y or x is capable of directly developing into y

(CellType) -> derives from -> (CellType)

Definition: a relation between two distinct material entities, the new entity and the old entity, in which the new entity begins to exist when the old entity ceases to exist, and the new entity inherits the significant portion of the matter of the old entity

(CellType) -> has synaptic terminal in -> (CellType)

Definition: A general relation between a neuron and some structure in which it either chemically synapses to some target or in which it receives (chemical) synaptic input.

(CellType) -> innervates -> (CellType)

Definition: Relation between a 'neuron projection bundle' and a region in which one or more of its component neuron projections either synapses to targets or receives synaptic input. T innervates some R Expands_to: T has_fasciculating_neuron_projection that synapse_in some R.

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