🍭Create a Stacked Lollipop Plot

How to create a stacked lollipop plot to visualize SNVs across multiple samples

Stacked lollipop plots must be created within genomic sequencing reports. Information on how to create a genomic sequencing report can be found here.

Once a report has been created and a genomic sequencing contrast has been launched, add the stacked lollipop widget to your report.

To do this, select “Widgets” from the series report toolbar followed by “Add Widget”. Select “Stacked lollipop from the widget selection menu. This widget will enable you to visualize all of the SNVs associated with a specific gene across all of the samples within the report.

The stacked lollipop widget will appear at the bottom of the report. Select a gene and a genomic sequencing contrast to visualize.

Hover over any of the SNVs to see the metadata

  • Sample name

  • Effect

  • Alt/ Ref

  • Position

  • Allele frequency (AF)

  • Allele count (AC)

  • Allele number (AN)

Select the cloud icon in the top right hand corner of the plot to export.

To further explore the plot select “Configure plot”

Under series you can swap between genomic tracks and cDNA with the protein domains in addition to filter alleles.

Under Grid you can customize the plot title and subtitle.

Use the drop down above the plot to swap between genes and contrasts.

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