2021-04-22 Product Update

The Knowledge Engine gets a refresh, additional libraries are available for gene set enrichment, and you can visualize your genomic data with lollipop plots

New Features 

  • Knowledge Engine: Interactive gene network maps, reference into function annotations, updated gene set enrichments, and clinical disease information 
  • Additional libraries available for gene set enrichments 
  • New plot: Lollipops ! Visualize SNV from VCF files. All VCF observations will appear within your Insights and Knowledge Engine searches 

The Knowledge Engine 

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Everything you need to know about a specific gene found in one place 
    • Dynamic gene network interaction maps allowing you to see the types of relationships between genes ( binding, inhibition, activation, reaction, and catalyzing).  Filter the gene network according to a confidence threshold. Get an in-depth description for all genes involved in the network and any observations you have in datasets that are on the platform.
    • Gene Set Enrichments simplified. Take an in-depth look at all of the gene sets a specific gene is involved with a description of its role in the gene set. 
    • Review all of the publications that explain a reference into function.
    • Clinical disease information. Get detailed information on all of the disease (casual or correlated) that a gene is associated with in addition to a description of the specific role the gene plays in the disease.
  • Updated Papers tab allowing you to filter on publication type and year

Introducing Lollipop Plots 

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 10.19.12 AM

Visualize your genomic data with lollipop plots. Our dynamic plotting system enables you to take a closer look at your SNVs. For each SNV get detailed information on the chromosome position, reference nucleotide, and associated alteration. All SNV observations will now appear in your Knowledge Engine searches and BioBox Insights.

Additional libraries for Gene Set Enrichment 

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 9.23.43 AM

We have added two new  gene set enrichment categories within the BioBox Insights; Disease and Domains. This includes libraries such as; OMIM disease, ClinVar, MSigDB, Project Achilles, Pfam, InterPro, and many others. 

We would love to hear from you! 

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